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When is Rakhi 2018

When is Rakhi 2018

Get the full information  about rakhi 2018 date and time 

When is Rakhi 2018
Rakhi 2018

Rakhi 2018 is on Saturday, the 26th of August(26/8/2018).
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Shravana month during full moon day or Purnima day.
The name Raksha Bandhan means "the bond of protection". The festival (also known as Rakhi) celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. During the festival, sisters tie a rakhi (a holy thread) around their brothers? wrists. The brother in return vows to look after his sister and offers her a gift.
The best time to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan is during Aparahna, which is late afternoon according to Hindu division of the day. If Aparahna time is not available then Pradosh time is also suitable to perform the Raksha Bandhan rituals.

This year Rakhi 2018 will be celebrated with similar zeal and excitement. Sisters will tie the bond of protection on their brothers' wrist, pray for their brothers' well being and embellish the Rakhi puja thali with similar zest. Here's everything you need to be aware of before starting off with the celebration.

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A glorious festivity of Hindu religion, Rakhi 2018 is a joyous occasion amongst all the brothers and sisters. The beauty of the occasion lies in the fact that no matter how much the siblings bicker, the promise to love forever and protect each other stays intact. Proclaimed religiously, Rakhi is celebrated every year in India and is graced auspiciously on a full moon day or a Purnima day in the month of Shravana. Though the dates vary year to year, this time, the auspicious festive falls on 26th August, Sunday, and the Rakhi 2018 Shubh Muhurat begin from six o’clock in the morning to around five thirty in the evening.

According to Vratraj and other Hindu religious manuscripts, it is advisable not to perform Rakhi rituals during Bhadra. Often recognized as a malicious time, Bhadra time is considered as an inauspicious timing of Rakhi. It occurs during the first half of the Purnima Tithi. Hence, according to the trusted sources, one should avoid Bhadra Mukha and not go forward with the Rakhi Rituals during this bracket of time.

When is Rakhi 2018

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